Sewing FAQs

The area of sewing is extremely vast. There are things that you need to know about the sewing machine, the various kinds of fabric that you can stitch, the different threads that are available for use, the needles sizes, the stitching patterns, the cuts for the appeal or the manner in which you can style or embroider too.

Each of these areas can take up a lot of time to explain and joining a sewing course can help you in learning these faster. On the other hand you can also use some tips on the internet to learn about these aspects so that you explore your way through your hobby and become an adept and expert seamstress on your own.

It is a good thing to start with your sewing machine and understand its capabilities before you take on a serious project. Starting with simple designs can help you achieve great results that will keep you motivated.

What is pleather and how can you sew it?

Pleather is the term used to describe plastic leather. This fabric is available in various weights and forms. This kind of leather that is synthetic is much cheaper than authentic leather and it is also not likely to irk animal rights people. It is always a good idea to get slightly more of this when you are thinking of a project with this kind of fabric because matching the leather pattern late...


What should you check before buying a sewing machine?

There are various parts that comprise a sewing machine and it is important that you have a look at each of these before you get the sewing machine home. Most machines have a power switch that is different from the light switch. This is a good option to have especially if you have children in the house. Make sure that you check the light as well and ensure that it provides enough light for you to...


What are the various parts of a sewing machine?

There are various parts of the sewing machine and knowing each one of these will help you in understanding the various instructions that you are likely to come across in the various magazines and videos that you look at. The bobbin case is the part of the machine that holds bobbin. The feed is the metal teeth that you can see above the needle plate. This is the part that is responsible for movin...


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