Base material - fabric

Fabric is the basic essential that you use to create the various things that you want to with the sewing. While there are other materials like leather that are also used for sewing, it is generally fabric that we think of when we think of sewing. When you are choosing fabric for your sewing project, you will need to be aware of the various kinds, the characteristics and weaves too.

Preshrinking fabric will require you to first shrink the fabric before you even start thinking of your project. Such fabric needs to be shrunk and ironed before. Shrinking a material is not supposed to be a good idea to make things smaller. This is because the threads and the seams shall not stay as they were earlier.

Fabric grainlines can be of different nature and you will need to know whether the fabric has lengthwise grains, crosswise grains or a bias grain. And obviously there are various materials from which fabric is made. Just as the threads or yarn can be created from different material like cotton, acrylic, wool or silk, the cloth or fabric that you purchase can also be woven or spun using these materials.

Care for the cotton fabric is relatively higher because you have to ensure that they are ironed after they have been washed and dried. This is because cotton tends to crumple and crush. Polyester on the other hand is a fabric that is more pliable and therefore you may be able to just wash and dry it before you put it on.



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