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There are so many things that you can create once you learn how to sew that you will always feel like making something new. Starting from a small top or skirt to large gowns for an evening out can all be created if you take this up as hobby and pursue it seriously. In an age where there are sewing machines present, one would assume that stitching and sewing has become far easier. However, the fact is that you still have to create the cut and then sew parts of the clothing together in order to get the right shape of what you want.

It is always a good idea to start with something that is simple and uncomplicated so that you can gain confidence in what you are creating. For example, you could start with a simple skirt project since there is not much that you can do to spoil an 'A line' skirt.

How to thread a sewing machine

Threading a sewing machine takes only a few minutes if you know how to do it. The issue mostly is that sewing machines are handed down generations or bought from the flea market and therefore one does not always have the manual to help you with these processes. To put the thread in the sewing machine, hold the pressure foot in the upward position. Put the thread spool in the spool holder and loo...


How to make a simple skirt

Making a skirt is far easier than making something that has to have a neck and armholes. To make a skirt you will need a marker, scissors, measuring tape, an iron, sewing machine, a draw string, thread and fabric. Using a model is a good idea since you will be able to measure and create more easily. Measure the waist of the model. Add about 10 inches to this waist size since the skirt will need...


How to sew ripped up torn belt loop on jeans

It is fairly normal for people to pull up jeans on to their hips by tugging on the loops provided for the belts in the jeans. And the tighter the jeans are the harder the pulling tends to be. There are two issues that you are likely to face due to this - ripped up fabric under the loop and a loop that hangs and cannot hold a belt any longer. The material that you will need to repair this include...


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