What is pleather and how can you sew it?

Pleather is the term used to describe plastic leather. This fabric is available in various weights and forms. This kind of leather that is synthetic is much cheaper than authentic leather and it is also not likely to irk animal rights people. It is always a good idea to get slightly more of this when you are thinking of a project with this kind of fabric because matching the leather pattern later and trying to get one of the same styles may not be possible at a later date.

It is a good idea to use paper clips or weights instead of using pins when you are sewing with this fabric. You can also use glue stick to hold the fabric in place in places that you know will not be seen. Pins leave a gaping hole in this fabric and therefore should be avoided as much as possible.

It is also not recommended to use a high temperature iron for this material. You can use a dry iron set or a synthetic set for ironing. It is also recommended that you use a press cloth while ironing on both sides of the material in order to be on the safer side. A clapper can also be used to set seams for this.

All kinds of pleather are not washable while you may find some that is. It is therefore important to read the label before you stuff the apparel into the washing machine along with the other clothes. Preshrinking is also a necessity in this kind of material.



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