How to thread a sewing machine

Threading a sewing machine takes only a few minutes if you know how to do it. The issue mostly is that sewing machines are handed down generations or bought from the flea market and therefore one does not always have the manual to help you with these processes.

To put the thread in the sewing machine, hold the pressure foot in the upward position. Put the thread spool in the spool holder and look for a thread guide. The thread guide will help you understand the route that the thread needs to take from the position of the spool holder to needle that is laced above the pressure foot. Now you will need to look for the tension mechanism. The tension mechanism is the part that makes the thread stay tight throughout the sewing process. Sometimes this mechanism is hidden inside the machine in the machine casing in some of the newer machines.

Move the thread downwards to the tension mechanism and slip the thread between the metal disks. You will then need to go back upwards with the thread. There is also likely to be a 'take-up' mechanism and this is almost always likely to be in the front of the machine. This is the part that goes up and down when you use the machine or turn the hand or foot lever. In some machines you will need to slide the thread over them and in others there is a small hole that you will have to thread through.

Look for any other thread guides and then you will end at the needle. Thread the needle and you shall be ready to go.



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