Sewing machines

There is no doubt that the most important part of the dewing process is the sewing machine and therefore this is the one that you shall discuss first. There are various kinds of sewing machines that you can use at home. Essentially they can be classified into three categories - mechanical, electronic and embroidery machines. If you are an expert with sewing you may want to invest in a Sergers sewing machine that allows you to create professional seams too.

The mechanical sewing machine is one that was introduced many years back. While some of the earlier ones had bullet shaped shuttle type bobbin cases, later these were changed to oscillating shuttles. The machines that you will find in the market today are likely to have a complete rotary system. The most simple machines will allow you to do a straight stitch. Those that are slightly advanced will allow a zigzag stitch and then there are others that allow for quilting and other decorative stitches too.

The electronic sewing machines were introduced sometime in the 1970's. While these machines have all the features of a mechanical machine, there are some additional features as well. The mechanism used for creating stitches is electrical pulses that shoot and return the needle into place.

Computerized sewing machines have made a lot of difference to the kind of stitches that can be used in sewing. The machine is similar to electronic sewing machines but has a microchip and microprocessor too. These can be used to store patterns that are loaded onto a particular card. Therefore the need for guiding is removed once you have fed in the details of the sewing pattern.



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