What should you check before buying a sewing machine?

There are various parts that comprise a sewing machine and it is important that you have a look at each of these before you get the sewing machine home. Most machines have a power switch that is different from the light switch. This is a good option to have especially if you have children in the house. Make sure that you check the light as well and ensure that it provides enough light for you to work.

The next thing that you would want to check is the number and variety of stitches that the machine can make. Obviously the sewing machine should make the basic straight stitch but this is not enough for these days since the most basic sewing machines can perform more. At the same time there are hundreds of sewing stitches that are out there and you should evaluate your stitching needs before you pick up a high end model that costs you a fortune.

You also need to make sure that the basic tools that may be needed are also available along with the sewing machine. These basic tools are the right size that you will need and include a screw driver to change the needle, a small brush to get rid of the lint and dust, an oil can or an oil spray that will be needed to oil some parts of the machine and an assortment of needles.

Computerized sewing machines also come with a display screen that shows the various options that are available for stitching and the manner in which they can be set.



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