How to make a simple skirt

Making a skirt is far easier than making something that has to have a neck and armholes. To make a skirt you will need a marker, scissors, measuring tape, an iron, sewing machine, a draw string, thread and fabric. Using a model is a good idea since you will be able to measure and create more easily. Measure the waist of the model. Add about 10 inches to this waist size since the skirt will need to be pulled over the hips. Divide the measurement by 2. Mark the top of the fabric with this measurement at the top of the skirt. Leave a few inches on either side for the flair. The bottom part of the trapezoid needs to be about 4 to 8 inches larger depending on the amount of flair that you want.

Measure the length of the skirt on the basis of where you want the hem to fall. Add a couple of inches to that length and mark the length. Connect all the marked places and cut out the skirt creating a trapezoid. Cut another trapezoid that is exactly the same size.

Now it is time to sew the skirt. Put the two pieces of trapezoid in such a manner that the right side faces each other. Put the fabric under the foot of the sewing machine and make a few stitches. Reverse the fabric to make the seam hold and then continue sewing till you reach the end which is the bottom of the skirt. To ensure that the stitches are firm, reverse and stitch over. Lift the foot, remove the fabric and cut off the thread. Do the same for the other side too!

To make the waist band you will need to hold the skirt (wrong side out) and turn the skirt to make the band. It is a good idea to iron this part in order to ensure that the band is stiff. Use the draw string as an embellishment on the skirt.



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